File a Complaint

Having trouble getting a corporation to comply with some applicable form of law, policy, or procedure? File a compliant to share the details with us and we’ll let you know if we can offer any service as your Consumer Advocate. We are not attorney’s and we do not offer any legal advice or representation, however we do perform professional research make sure you are well informed on what the law says and where you can use it to your benefit over and over again.

We receive complaints for the following Consumer issues in connection with transactions executed with a Social Security Number:

  • Child Support
  • Mortgage/Eviction/Foreclosure
  • Credit denial (family, personal, and household use)
  • Tax Assessments
  •  Traffic Citations
  • Probate Administration
  • Student Loans
  • Securities
  • Other public trust benefit issues in connection with the Social Security Number.

Our service and our contracts are different! We provide professional administration at very low cost to Consumers. Once we review your complaint with any supporting documents, we will let you know if we can help you or we will guide you to take action on your own.

Private Trust Administration & Setup

Need to learn how to use your right to privacy and nationality for banking purposes? Talk to us about our trust administration and review services for private nationals. We can help you set it up and get prepared to use it for the administration and management of your landed estate.


Extension of Credit/Consumer Loans

We administer transactions using all applicable laws. The United States of America Declared that certain human rights must be exercised by the expression of international law. Consumers have a right to claim a nationality, a right to opt-out of unnecessary or damaging contracts, a right to sign and endorse as they wish, etc.

Our research reveals several conflicts in many banking practices which Congress refers to as “unfair” or even “criminal” by definition. Our research is designed to remedy that by giving Consumers the proper discloures as provided by all applicable laws and regulations.

Use the chat to tell us what bank you are with and what kind of transactions you are interested in. Check back for our Guide on banking services allowable by the law.


Get your FULL paycheck! | Privatization for Individuals

Our Employee Wage Protection Program allows you to start receiving the full amount of your paycheck from your employer without having involuntary deductions for taxes withheld.

We assist you with legal documents, federal applications, tax guidance, and HR representation to ensure that you know how to self-govern your compensation.

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