are important because they help you understand the fullness of our service and what it means to become a private person under the law.

We have curated this information as well as extensive research that lays out our reference sources.

We work hard to set a standard of high quality service to suit your needs. So keep reading to find out what makes us the best in the industry.


Clear Answers to Your Questions About Privatization

Q. My business is in a regulated industry, how can my organization benefit from Serv Inc.’s specialized training and research?

A. Our government/corporate training for Federal Regulatory Compliance is designed to reduce your risk of Loss From Claims due to Regualtory Risk. We analyze your operations manuals, policies, and procedures to ensure you are operatiing well within the confines of “all applicable laws.”

Q. Is this legal?

A. Yes. We are a team of researchers with former IRS experience. We compile strategies that are completely developed directly from the Code of Federal Regulations, the Uniform Commercial Code, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Department of Labor, Penal Codes, and State Laws. We follow the law to the letter.


Q. Can I really get rid of debt, legal issues, and taxes if I privatize? How?

A. Yes. It often takes quite a bit of filing administrative documents to prepare you for a challenge to pre-exiting conditions, but we can show you how to take more preventative measures to correct how you incur these things from the beginning.


Q. How can I still do this if I do not have the time to learn all this information?

A. You can always hire Serv Inc. for representation if you don’t have time to learn all the material it takes to execute processes alone. The same way you’d hire a plumber or contractor to do other kinds of work for you. However, some processes include tasks that can only be executed by you, by law. We are here to help you do things you may not have the time and knowledge to do on your own.


Q. What makes Serv Inc. qualified to practice law and legal administration?

A. People have the right to represent themselves, and to appoint a Power of Attorney to anyone they wish. We are not “practicing law,” instead we are administering it. We are simply acting as Power of Attorney to cite and interpret law in the way we’ve been professionally trained to do as Consumer Advocates. Our founder worked for the IRS as a Corporate Trainer, Subject Matter Expert, and Quality Coach for 8 years. She is now a Certified Securities Arbitrator. The training she received is directly related to interpreting and administering Federal Regulatory Codes, statutes, and rules for compliance.


Q. How do I stop having taxes taken out of my check?

A. Essentially you have to use administrative strategies to compel your employer to make lawful changes on your payroll processing. If your employer is unfamiliar with the law, we suggest hiring us to represent you. We will educate and compel your employer to make the changes, careful not to agitate the “at-will” hiring conditions of any applicable state. Some states recognize exceptions to protect your rights, and some do not.


Q. How do I get my children away from Child Protection Services in my state?

A. Many people have complicated situations that landed their children under the protection of the State. We take these clients on a case-by-case basis to see if we can claim proper jurisdiction of your children under your Estate, Will, and/or Trust. 


Q. I keep seeing people being let go with a warning after being stopped by the police for traffic violations… how can they do that?

A. These people are simply communicating the actual law to the police officers and not the generally accepted rules people think they have to follow. They are trained to speak using correct interpretations of the law and can articulate the fullness of it if they are challenged. Our training prepares you to do the same.


Q. Why should I have several businesses organized even if I do not want to become an entrepreneur or business developer?

A. Having a business entity is the proper way to govern your own life to make the Federal government obsolete. Your actual life is literally your business. The way you administrate that makes all the difference to how you can operate privately or under the governing of false jurisdiction.


Q. Who should I hire to help me with compliance after I have completed the process of privatizing my assets?

A. Anyone who demonstrate an ability to interpret the language of legalese and can represent you using direct legal references that they can explain to you in layman’s terms. We’re here to demonstrate that for you to consider our service.


Q. How do I know if I am qualified for the privatization services for tax/payroll exemption?

A. All legal/lawful persons qualify for our service, with the exception of those employed by the United States government. Legally, if you are employee of the United States or hold office in a government owned/operated corporation, you are property of the United States Corporation and  therefore must be liable for tax contributions. As soon as you resign or retire, please give us a call.


Q. Does Serv Inc. handle the “whole process” of privatization?

A. Yes and no. Yes, in the sense that we can fully prepare and train you to learn how to correctly interpret and administrate law. No in the sense that you must be able to execute the process on your end as well. We cannot legally take certain actions for you, so your active participation is necessary for us to render service. Also note that we are here to set you up with a foundation for living a private lifestyle. After you’ve been trained, you will continue to live and file whatever documents you need to file to accomplish your goals. If you need our assistance at that time, you would call us to assist. Much like you would a lawyer with certain specialties of law. Serv Inc. is the same.


Q. Will this make me subject to increased police surveillance or arrest?

A. No. People tend to think that resisting the Federal government is a physical risk of a loss of certain freedoms. This is why we research the fullness of the law. We focus on compliance with the proper interpretation of the law instead of the publicly or widely held beliefs about what the laws mean. There is a lot of fraud being perpetrated on the American people. We are simply here to show you how to withdraw yourself from consideration as a subject. Also, you will always attract attention to yourself when you are doing something different. The thing is, this is nothing different or new to elite society. They use these same exact processes and pay people large amounts of money to keep them in compliance. Our Consultants have researched and developed these programs to make the same knowledge and training available to the average American.


Q. What do Serv Inc. consultants specialize in?

A. Securities, Federal Regulatory Compliance (including Employment/Income Tax and claims processing), mediation/arbitration, private banking at commercial banks/credit unions, business and personal credit/debt, Trust & Estate Administration (including business formation and development.)


Q. What is the difference between Privatization, Estate Planning, Status Correction, Secured Party, and Sovereign Citizens?

A. Privatization is essentially the act of governing your own affairs by correcting and maintaining a certain order to how, and with whom you decide to enter into conscious agreements/contracts with. Including yourself. It is a lifestyle that requires participants to understand the Metaphysical value of their energy and how to administrate the governing of that energy or currency. Estate Planning refers to the act of strategically and consciously mapping out how your self-governing structure is to operate. It includes writing contracts, wills, articles of incorporation and/or constitutions, appointing and acting in certain offices, filing documents and making certain official declarations that establish your exemptions and intent to opt-out of receiving government services from the United States Corporation. Status Correction simply refers to the specific declaration of your “Non-Corp Status” which means that you are consciously acknowledging that you are not an artificial entity being controlled by a governing State/system/corporation that owns you as chattel or property. It does not matter what Nationality you want to claim. Perform your genealogy research and use it if you can, but if you cannot… you’re still entitled to your rights. Indigenous peoples should use their genealogy to search for land titles and patents. Secured Party refers to  the process of extending credit to yourself using the Cestui Que Vie Trust that was setup on your behalf when you were born, without your parents knowledge. This credit can be used to build your Estate and discharge debts whenever you have accepted the value of the debt. Sovereign Citizens are simply people who live by the private lifestyle. This term references the fact that we should recognize our sovereign ability and right to govern ourselves instead of voluntarily allowing intermediary entities like the Federal government to provide their governing services.

Q. Why should I privatize my small business? Would it jeopardize my stability in any way?

A. Privatizing your small business can only benefit your revenue streams and stabilize your operation from industrial regulations that are likely to impose on your ability to make sound business decisions in uncertain times. The law allows for two types of lawful governance which are both voluntary. You have the option to self govern (your most valuable position) by learning to construct and administrate governing laws of your own jurisdiction. This is commonly referred to as Common or Contract Law. You also have the option to allow a more passive governing using Statutory Law or Legislation under the jurisdiction of US corporate law. This is commonly referred to as Maritime Admiralty Law or Commerce/ Commercial Law. Businesses and individuals both have these options at all times, and can choose to use them exclusively or together to serve their purposes. Using the privatized administration of Common law is the most reliable way to achieve sustainability over several lifetimes. Governing a privatized business allows you to exempt your business from taxation, set your own terms for employment, avoid the probate of your assets, protect your assets from commercial liens, and to protect your business from fees and fines resulting from regulatory violations or non-compliance, among many other benefits.

Q. Why doesn’t my Attorney, CPA, Accountant, nor my Business Advisor recommend any of these options to me?

A. The answer to this question is complex and duplicitous because America is a well conditioned environment. On one end, society has been operating under both types of governance, except private laws have been mostly reserved for the elite members of society. Any form of lower economic class has been conditioned to know and comply with statutory law or the corporate governance of US corporate conglomerates. This essentially means the only financial and business professionals who will advise you to administrate your business or personal life privately, are those who are highly paid to even know the applications of private law and how to remain in compliance. The average professional is a victim of ignorance regarding the private administration of law. It takes years of scholarship and research to acquire a working knowledge of these systems of law and how to execute and enforce them on Federal and State levels.

Q. How can I use private governing to deregulate my hiring process and reduce payroll costs?

A. All businesses use Collective Bargaining Agreements to establish the terms and conditions of employment. Currently, most small business employers are using Statutory guidelines to craft these documents but they are in fact, fully customizable contracts. Our job is to show you how to draft these contracts and submit them to the IRS for official determinations.

Q. How do I get started?

A. Take a look at our services and the attached social media pages to get a better look at what we are doing here at Serv inc. Also visit our Contact Us page, or use the Facebook Messenger to reach one of our team members.


We Do professional Claims

To put that into context, a claim is any statement you are making (oral or written) to assert your right to something, your ownership of something, your entitlement to something, etc. Here is a definition pulled from Blacks Law Dictionary 4th Edition.

We are here to teach you how to find these claims, and how to make them for administrative purposes. That means we can look at your loans, applications, notes, leases, citations, disclosures, policies, guidelines, etc., to make claims in your favor.


No Existing Claims Needed

Jurisdiction is an important claim to make. Especially if you identify with your nationality and apply certain international treaty laws.

Our goal is to teach you how to identify the need for jurisdiction claims in your administration of any Consumer Credit transaction. Remember we are not attorneys or even financial advisors. We are researchers who show you where your administrative instructions are published by official sources.

We show you the basis of claim regarding any Child Support/Family Court case, Lease Agreement, Deed of Trust, Mortgage, Notes, Security Agreements, bills, IRS reporting, etc.

We will go over key elements like securities claims, due process, contracts, and jurisdiction to help you develop a strong approach to a permanent solution or remedy.

If you are unsuccessful with administration or need help, one of our trained advocates will take a look at your documents and may be assigned as your Power of Attorney in fact.


What Do We Need To Get Started Today?

We've already done the hard part by performing the research on your claim. All we need you to do is send us any documents you have. Pull the receipts from all your commercial contracts and  fill out the form toward the bottom of this page.

Once you hit send, you'll receive instructions at the email you provide. Once we have gathered the details of your claim. We will assign your case to one of our team members who will let you know if we have enough data to administer any claims found in your contracts.

We administer claims under international law so we may request additional information and/or agreements before we perform our service as your Consumer Claims Advocate.