What you need to know about our mortgage chargebacks.

What is wrong with 99% of mortgage transactions?

  • Most consumers know or have a strong feeling something is wrong with their mortgage agreement.
  • The payments are not being applied to the balance.
  • The note was endorsed by someone else.
  • The right to accept the deed was never disclosed.
  • Credit for the purchase value of the mortgage note was never accounted for.

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Laws & regulations that prohibit common mortgage practices. 

The Unfair, Deceptive, and Abusive Acts or Practices Act, TILA, and the Trust Indenture Act all make it a violation of consumer rights for any creditor or trustee to omit material facts concerning the nature of any consumer credit transaction.

Most mortgage loans do not disclose nearly enough details about the transaction to make consumers aware of what they are agreeing to.

We often hear the term “dead pledge” associated with mortgages but do not know how to avoid it at the closing table.

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What action can consumers take to protect their interests?

  1. Avoid transferring a security interest in the payment of both principal and interest payments.
  2. Avoid blank endorsements
  3. Ask questions about the purchase of the mortgage note as an investment property.
  4. Know which laws and commcerical codes apply to the transaction. Laws including but not limited to common law, tax law, contract law, and international law all impact consumer rights in banking and securities.
  5. Send notices to other interested parties who are attached to the transaction by way of other cohesive or binding agreements.

What does Serv Inc. do to advocate for consumers who want to enforce their rights before or after closing on a mortgage note?

Our research extends across all disciplines of law. Our research team members are current or former federal employees having experience in regulatory (revenue code) compliance, quality control training, finance and financial planning, federal agency (congressional budgets) bookkeeping and accounting, certified securities arbitration, as well as contracting and procurement.

What do we do for consumers?

  • We get your money back whenever our research (audit) shows sufficient evidence of certain types of financial fraud. We can do this on any bad contract meeting certain eligibility criteria.
  • We file professional reports and track consumer complaint data for regulatory purposes.
  • We release our research to the public for educational purposes and answer questions from the public.
  • We perform involuntary audits on financial institutions and grade their levels of compliance based on our assessment standards. 
  • We assist the public with bill payment by enforcing their beneficial interest in the payment of principal and interest on their securities held under public trust.
  • We assist the public with filling out OMB forms, credit applications, submitting government requests for information, and drafting notices and contracts for private and commercial use.

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