How to get the IRS out of your payroll operation?

Is your small business struggling to stay afloat due to government regulations, taxes, and requirements? Our Employer Revenue Protection program teaches you how to protect your small business from expenses related to Employment Tax, Payroll Tax, matching employee contributions, and other employee related expenses. We are a team of Former IRS Corporate Trainers, Administrators, and Professional Researchers who specifically investigate and execute administrative strategies. Our programs keep you in lawful compliance with areas of the law your accountant and attorney were not trained to practice.

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Regulatory Compliance Training By Industry

Are you losing money or being sued for failure to meet Federal regulatory compliance and/or quality requirements? Use our small business courses to help you find ways to reduce the most common types of violation claims in your industry.

Check out our  School of Professional Private Administrators to see how we are training others in your industry to avoid Loss From Claims and other fines associated with regulatory violations.