We Serv together and Soar together. We are a self-determined, self-governed regultory agency focusing on corporate government, and NGO compliance. Our mission is to investigate and bring to justice white collar crimes having high impact on Consumers. Our Consumer Advocates perform audits and examinations using our proprietary research methods to help corporations comply with all applicable laws.

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Have you been trying to get rid of an unlawful Child Support order? Our Consumer Advocate team is hosting a seminar for parents caught in any involuntary state sponsored program like child support. We are not gurus and we do not sell templates. We do have guides designed to help you get a dismissal on your own however. Our guides come with professional support if you purchase a ticket to the seminar. We will be hosting live but virtual attendance is available with the support included.

Click or tap the picture to BUY TICKETS and see how you can start the process to get your life back. You will be provided with a thorough Consumer education during this Seminar as we take you through several ways to approach your case for a lawful dismissal.

We are not attorneys and do not offer any legal advice or representation. We strictly perform research for the purpose of performing private administration of public and private trust transactions of all types.

Check out the NEW EPISODES of our newly rebranded Podcast #thecorporatecritic now streaming on Spotify. We’re talking about the Consumer Experience and how corporations impact the administration of the Public Trust Territory of Indigenous (Hebrew/Jew) Peoples in North America. 


Serv approaches every business case from a global perspective, which enables them to have foresight into what a company’s next step should be no matter where they are in the process. Founder Reese Robert’s background with systems enables her to help drive efficiency and revenue with her strategies.

Laurie K., Department of the Treasury – Executive Leader

Serv is brilliant at simplifying processes and making life more efficient for anyone from startups to corporations. 

Sabrina Harris, Dazie Inc. – Owner

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We are Serv Inc., and we believe when we Serv together, we Soar together. We are here to impact Consumers and the corporations that serve them by ensuring proper compliance with all laws applicable to Consumer transactions. Our mission is to help corporations avoid compliance risk, claims for damages, and prosecution for white collar crimes stemming from improper administration of public trust from public officers and executive corporate vendors. We perform voluntary and involuntary investigative audits and examinations to help corporations reduce this kind of compliance risk, and to process complaints of violations. Our goal is to help corporations maintain their profit margins especially in banking and finance fields.